Sleep Over

Had a sleep over at wynther_knight place with sean and gruff22 spent the day at first trying to sing at "American Idol Karaoke version" for ps2, boy do I fail big time, and it hurts a lot whenever I tried to change my voice pitch just to earn points.

Then we played some of the available games like "Space Channel 5", "Justice League" & "Bloody Roar". When it was near sunset, we went to a park to rest and feel the air. it was so fresh as there are lots of trees.

and then night came, had dinner outside and back home for more fun, watched a segment of funday pawpet show, ETO Rangers and pompoko :D.

Next morning we spent time again playing and reading web comics together ^^, until the time we had to go home at 2 pm, but actually left at 3 pm
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My birthday today, but as it is a weekday, I got work, treated my officemates to lunch, get stressed over more work, and home tired but happy.

sounds just like a normal day ^^ nothing special :D
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Graduationm   My graduation today, I am now a full fledged graduate of Bachelor of Science in computer Science ^_^

   The ceremony went smoothly and there were no trouble, too many picture taking and fortunately no one cried XD
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Baccalaureate mass

We had our Baccalaureate mass for graduation yesterday, getting the grad clothes blessed, and having dinner with all the other fellow graduates, and knowing early our awards and who are the honors.

it was fun but unfortunately one of my fellow graduates thought it was supposed to be today, don't know who to blame though, if it is the constant date change or him, for not listening to announcements and to what we say, during the last practise the day before. it was clearly stated that the event is the next day and he even had the ticket but didn't bother to check them.

After that he says he doesn't feel like going to the graduation itself.

Hectic Day

       Today is my appointed date to process my passport renewal, which is at 11-12 noon. so I wake up early to try and apply for the SSS(Social Security System) ID since they only process 120 applicants per day.

      Upon arriving to the information center, I had my passport and school ID. but the person in charge wont give me an application form  as she says they dont accept school Id as its not valid. I went home to get my Company ID and back at the SSS agency. Upon receiving the form, I looked at the back for what else are valid, and what I saw made me angry, one of the IDs they accept was School ID. then  Ihave to wait for almost an hour and a half to reach the next counter for the long line. I was 5 applicants away to the counter and its already 9:40 AM, when suddenly they prop up a sign saying they are currently offline -_-.

      If I were to wait I would be late for my appointment. so I just left and headed to DFA for the passport processing. thank fully the processing was quick and organize thanks to the appointment setup. the 11-12 noon schedule was true, I only stayed there for an hour with my renewal processed.

Wasted Day-Off

Had a really crappy day today. I took the day off for nothing

The company I work at needs to have a photocopy of my new passport as mine expired last March, so I requested to take today off to have my passport renewed.

Upon arriving at the passport renewal office, I filled out the necessary forms and had the requirements completed, only to be told that I'm scheduled to comeback on May 6 -_-, that took 2 hours for nothing,so much for renewing my passport.

I then decided to apply for the "SSS ID" its another government office where they take part of our salary to help the fellow members (yeah right, as if) there were 2 branch office near I live so I decided to go to the nearest one first. Upon arriving, they told us that ID application was cut off after having 120 members to apply for it.

I then went to the other branch hoping that it has no cut off, I was so happy to see that thy don't have a cut off limit to the ID application. Unfortunately it was a short-lived happiness because their ID machine is broken.

So much for having the day off.
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(no subject)

     Yesterday was a fun day, while waiting for a new task on a current project, we were assigned to a different team and another project, this time the system was complicated and took some time getting used to. By 3 Pm the team thinks that I got the whole thing fast as I seem to have done a lot of parts, so they asked me slow down a bit so I decided to stop and work on the induction training. Unfortunately the induction training module seem to hate me, even if I had done everything step by step There's always the same error on step 7 no matter how many times I restarted the program, while the others got past the step. By the time work hours was over I felt so annoyed at the training.

    Later that night, its the usual stuff, go online, chat with friends and read messages, only this time I have to listen to 2 people telling me their troubles. One thinks he suck at drawing while the other needs help with his problem with his friend. No matter how hard I tried the former cant seem to accept what I say and he seems to be looking down on his own skills even if I think they were great

    The second friend, like always has been asking almost the same questions he had before, only this time I cant help as the matter seemed more serious than usual, and I don't want to get involve further, so all I did was listen to him talk about his trouble. Hopefully their problems will be solve all on their own.
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